The purpose of Discipleship is to help facilitate spiritual growth for believers found in any of the phases of spiritual development. The classes are designed to address the relevant biblical teachings for each of the phases of spiritual development. The teachers consist of mature believers who possess the gift of teaching and are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The goal of Discipleship is to establish believers in the faith, the character of Christ, and functioning in their gifting(s). It provides a solid Biblical foundation as well as a path for the future ministry development.

There is a $50.00 per person or $75.00 for married couples fee which includes your textbook and all related class materials for the entire program.


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Phase I: Foundation

  • Class 1 – Foundation for Growth (4 weeks)
    • Introduction; Ages, Stages & Phases
    • Christ Crucified; The Rock Revealed
    • The Word of Righteousness’ Acceptance/The Love of God
    • Righteousness and Water Baptism; Results of Your Faith in Christ
    • The New Birth; Identity in Christ
    • New Family; New Model
  • Class 2– A Secure Foundation (4 weeks)
    • Framework for Spiritual Growth – 3 weeks
    • The Framework; Mental Framework
    • Telescopic Vision; Telescopic Overview
    • Preparation for Transformation; Elementary Principles for Spiritual Development
    • from Dead Works; Faith Toward God
    • Doctrine of Baptisms; Laying On of Hands Resurrection From the Dead; Eternal Judgment

Phase II: Transformation

Enrollment requirements: Completed Foundation Phase

  • Class 1– Transformation for Change (4 weeks)
    • Introduction; Spirit of Revelation
    • Abiding In the Rest of God; Christ Died as You
    • Free Indeed; Sin Nature
    • Flesh; World
    • Devil; The Power of Sin
    • The Law; The Wilderness
  • Class 2– Putting Off the Old Ways (4 weeks)
    • The Cross & the Soul – 3 weeks
    • Willing to Change; Fact, Faith, Experience/Identification
    • The Renewing of the Mind; Emotional Healing
    • Sanctifying Christ in Your Will; Fear of the Lord/Called to Holiness
    • Hindrances to Sanctification – 3 weeks
    • Unbelief/Ignorance; Circumstances & Trials
    • Unforgiveness/Bitterness; Cares of This Life
    • Willful Sin/Resisting the Holy Spirit;
    • Generational Curses/Bondage’s

Phase III: Formation

Enrollment requirements: Completed Transformation Phase

  • Class 1– Formation for Establishment (4 weeks)
    • Christ Lives in You; The Law of the Spirit Part l
    • The Law of the Spirit Part ll; Guarding Against Legalism
    • Christ Formed in You; Modeling Community
    • The Assembly; Small Groups
    • Christ Formed Habits and Character; Putting On the New Man
    • Statement of Faith; Built Up in Christ
  • Class 2– Putting on the New Man (4 weeks)
    • Powerful Prayer Life – 3 weeks
    • The Essence of Prayer; Principles of Asking
    • Prayer as Communication; Prayer as Communion
    • Prayer as Co-laboring; Prayer as Combat
    • Spiritual Disciplines – 3 weeks
    • The Word of God Part l; The Word of God Part ll
    • Song and Worship; The Power of the Tongue
    • Giving; Fasting

Phase IV: Impartation

Enrollment requirements: Completed Formation Phase

  • Class 1– Impartation for Purpose (4 weeks)
    • Introduction; The Theme of the Kingdom
    • Authority of the Kingdom; The Law of the Kingdom
    • The Law of Christ; Empowered for the Kingdom
    • Baptized with the Holy Spirit; Sharing the Kingdom
    • Mentored for the Kingdom; Gifts of the Kingdom Part ll
  • Class 2– Life in the Vision (4 weeks)
    • Leadership Principles – 3 weeks
    • Planted in the Local Vision; The Leader and His/her Family
    • Communication; Protecting the Heart
    • Accountability; Destructive Leadership Patterns