Grow as an adult with us


This ministry is committed to building strong men of faith, character, and integrity. As these are applied in faith, men grow to be spiritual leaders for their families and communities for the benefit of God’s Kingdom. Men’s Ministry seeks to create opportunities for men of all ages to get to know one another and grow in their spiritual commitment. Our purpose is to develop insight, give support, and encourage life training through ministry, classes, and social activities and fellowship.

Women (The King’s Daughters)

The Women’s Ministry is dedicated to the development of women through prayer, biblical teaching, fellowship, and outreach. This is one of the best opportunities to get connected with other women in the church. This ministry meets once a month as an outlet for today’s women; providing relevant Biblical application and interaction with one another. This ministry attends the Women of Faith Conference held once a year in Maudlin, South Carolina. It also provides several Bible studies throughout the year helping women develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, through prayer and the knowledge of God’s word.


Senior living is a vibrant, amazing, and fun season of life. The senior adults have the resources and the ability to provide a tremendous force for Christ in the church. This ministry offers experience, time, financial resources and acts of service to strengthen the body of Christ.We have a bi-monthly luncheon as a way of honoring our Senior Adults.  There are several other opportunities for fellowship through weekly, monthly, and yearly social events.


The purpose of the Married Ministry is to provide an environment to connect with each other to learn and discuss the Biblical truths of God’s design for their marriages. The married ministry strives to lay an unshakable foundation for marriages that will be able to withstand the trails of life and the influence of the current pop culture on relationships. Through marriage-based studies and social events, this ministry seeks to not only set up marriages for success today, but also cultivate the existence of a successful family unit tomorrow.