Child Check In

Checking Your Child Into Service

Upon your arrival at Palmetto Street Church of God, look for one of our K’Motion Kids Check-in Stations.  There are two main check-in locations for your family’s convenience.  We have check-in locations in the lobby of the main sanctuary and also in the lobby of the gym building.  One of our team members will be glad to assist you as you check-in your child(ren).  Check-in begins 20 minutes before the start of each worship service.  You and your child will receive personalized, coordinating ID tags that are unique to your family and your weekly visit.  ID numbers rotate on a weekly bases for safety purposes.  If you lose your ID tag, we ask that you show your Driver’s License when picking up your child.

When you check your child(ren) in for the first time we will ask the following personal information: children’s names and birthdates, gender, and any allergies or special instructions that your child needs in order for us to provide the absolute best care possible; parents will be asked for their names, email, and phone number.

You may also choose to pre-register your child by downloading the free KidMin App.  This will allow you to take advantage of express check-in.  Through the KidMin App you will be able to sign in your child before you even arrive on campus allowing you and your family to skip the check-in lines.  If you check-in your children prior to service please come to the lobby of the gymnasium and pick up your family ID tags at the Express and Guest Check-in Station.  We ask that you then please escort your children to their age appropriate environment.  Our team will be happy to assist your family in any way.

If for any reason we need to contact you during the service, you will first receive a text message from our K’Motion Team indicating that you are needed.  If you have multiple children the automated text message will appear with your child’s name so you know exactly which child needs your attention.  If for some reason you do not receive or see your text message, your family ID code will appear on the screen in the sanctuary along with your child’s location.  Our greeters and ushers will be glad to assist you in finding your child’s room if needed.